The Office of Student Affairs at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy sets out to enhance student growth and development at the school.  Headed by the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs, this Office oversees campus safety, student activities, leadership programs, commuter services, and students’ health and wellness. Thus, through the collaboration of different departments, this Office ensures Our Lady of Lourdes Academy provides its students a complete high school experience that is student-centered and focused on meeting the students’ developmental and learning needs. To this end, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is committed to the following:

  • Providing high-quality programs, facilities and services that promote student engagement, health and success
  • Empowering students to grow and thrive academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually
  • Creating environments that encourage students to become responsible, engaged and empowered community members and citizens
  • Fostering ethical behavior through guidance, mentorship, programming, role modeling and direct intervention
  • Creating an inclusive community that embraces diversity and difference
Contact Student Affairs

Dr. Belarmina Cusido ’09
Assistant Principal for Student Affairs
Phone: (305) 667-1623, ext. 214