The Florida State University System (SUS), along with the state’s public universities’ admissions directors, offers a free annual workshop for guidance counselors – the SUS Admissions Tour. As part of the Admissions Tour, directors explain admissions philosophies, policies and procedures so that counselors can better meet the needs of their university-bound students. In addition, the SUS provides an annual matrix with helpful admissions-related information pertaining to the various Florida SUS schools. These institutions include, in alphabetical order: Florida A&M University (FAMU), Florida Atlantic University (FAU), Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), Florida International University (FIU), Florida State University (FSU), New College of Florida (NCF), University of Central Florida (UCF), University of Florida (UF), University of North Florida (UNF), University of South Florida (USF), and University of West Florida (UWF).

To download the 2023-2024 SUS Admission Tour Matrix, please click HERE.

Important points to consider for application to the State University System and the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program are:

  • Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program will re-calculate GPA.
  • Not all classes can be used to qualify for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship.
  • Only core courses will be taken into consideration when re-calculating the GPA.

Florida Bright Futures will include 16 credits of college preparatory academic courses:

  • 4 units of English, at least three with substantial writing requirements
  • 4 units of mathematics at the Algebra I level and higher
  • 3 units of natural science, at least two with laboratory science
  • 3 units of social science
  • 2 sequential units of the same foreign language

Note: Students may use up to two additional credits from courses in the academic areas listed above and/or AP, IB or AICE fine arts courses to raise the GPA.

The State University System will also re-calculate GPA and has similar guidelines for recalculation of the GPA and admission to a state university. In addition to the core required credits, state universities and FL Bright Futures will only consider core electives (electives directly from “core requirements“ such as math, English, social studies, science, foreign language) toward calculation of GPAs. Non-academic electives will not be used toward GPA calculations or considered for admission into state universities and FL Bright Futures – SAT Prep, Yearbook, Journalism, Business courses, Computer courses, Theology, Performing Fine Arts, Art.