Personal Counseling

The Guidance Department offers personal counseling to all students who may need this service.

The members of the department are available to assist students who may have personal problems and to meet with their parents when necessary. A student may be referred to Guidance for personal counseling in a number of ways:

  • The student may come by the Guidance Office to see her counselor or email her counselor for an appointment.
  • A teacher may make a referral for a counselor to see a student.
  • A parent may call the Guidance Office and ask that a counselor see his/her daughter.
Academic Advising

Academic advising is an educational process intended to aid students in making decisions about their academic careers at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, as well as lifelong career choices. Guidance counselors coordinate course selection, discuss educational and career goals, and encourage students to consider questions of personal growth. Together with the Assistant Principal for Academics, counselors also aid in planning academic programs. Counselors will meet individually with each student during course selection.

College Counseling

College counseling begins in freshman year and continues through senior year.  Freshmen are assigned a counselor who follows the student through her four years of high school.  In freshman and sophomore years, counselors provide pre-college advising to the students. During junior and senior year, college counseling is comprehensive and focused. It is tailored to each individual student and offers each OLLA student a supportive and informative environment to prepare for college admission. Our goal in this process is to listen well to the student and guide them in choosing a college that best fits her individual aspirations. 

As part of the college counseling process, the Guidance Department provides a variety of programs to enhance the student’s college admission experience. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Evening Seminars
  • College Assembly
  • Jesuit College Fair
  • On-Campus College Visits
  • Senior College Information Session
  • College Application Lab
  • State University Tour
  • Sophomore College Assembly
  • College jumpstart workshop