Career and College Counseling

Students begin working with their counselors at the start of their freshman year and that relationship continues through senior year. In the 9th and 10th grade, counselors provide pre-college and career advising to the students through a combination of individual and group meetings. Beginning in the junior year, college counseling is robust and focused on preparing the students for college admission success. It is tailored to each individual student and availability of the counselor is embedded in the process. Juniors and Seniors access all the assistance they need to meet their college admission needs. Parent Seminars are provided throughout the year to inform parents of the college admission process.  The Guidance department also provides regular communication and a monthly e-newsletter to keep parents informed of key dates and deadlines in the admission process.

College Representative Campus Visits

Colleges are encouraged to visit our campus in both the fall and spring semesters. College visits are scheduled through our school calendar on SCOIR. Click on the link below to see available dates.

Please contact Maite Nunez, the guidance assistant, if you need assistance or additional dates at

Academic Counseling

Students discuss academic concerns and receive academic advising throughout the four years of high school. Counselors coordinate course selection, discuss educational and career goals, and encourage students to challenge themselves academically through academic goal planning. Specific academic learning needs are addressed through the Accommodations Coordinator and the student’s teachers and counselor.

Social/Emotional Counseling

Throughout high school, students have access to their counselor to discuss personal issues and concerns. Parents are invited to reach out to their daughter’s counselor about any individual needs. Short-term counseling and support services are available through the School Counseling department and referrals to outside resources are provided as needed.