Founded in 1963, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is an all-girl, archdiocesan high school, in South Miami-Dade, that seeks “to educate young women to face the future, strengthened by their faith, prepared and confident in their abilities to achieve their goals and committed to their Catholic and American heritages.” True to the school’s mission, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy emphasizes the development of life-long learners and encourages students to be reflective young women who ask questions and relish the search for their answers. Thus, dedicated to the growth, development and faith formation of each student, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy engages students in the learning process through intellectual discovery in a spiritual, creative, contemporary and collaborative environment. The ultimate goal is the development of strong, caring and well-balanced Catholic women.

Research suggests students who attend single-gender schools are more focused, and, as the only all-female school in the Archdiocese of Miami, students of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy proudly reap this benefit. The school empowers each and every student so that each is “prepared and confident” in her abilities to achieve her personal goals. The school’s rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum, combined with the multitude of extracurricular offerings on campus, result in well-balanced graduates who are 100 percent college-bound; alumnae are leaders locally, nationally and abroad; they excel in all walks of life.

To stay true to the school’s mission, the learning environment at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is constantly evolving. The fulfillment of the school’s mission is an on-going process, and every decision, big or small, is mission-driven. Since the school aims “to educate young women to face the future,” Our Lady of Lourdes Academy constantly re-evaluates its practices and stays current with technology, so its students are ready to be active, not passive, individuals, when they go out into the “real world.”