The Goals of the Business & Computer Science Department at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy are to:
(1) Fully integrate technology into all of the courses in the department to make the students proficient in twenty-first century skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation
(2) Provide quality academic courses that prepare the students for a wide range of careers
(3) Offer a wide-range of courses that will strengthen essential skills including communication, budgeting, computer literacy, problem solving and analytical skills, research skills, and leadership

The primary goal of the English Department at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is to engage students in the study of literature and nonfiction as a means of understanding history and the human experience, while providing students with the critical reading and writing skills required for success in any area of collegiate study.

The Fine Arts Department at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy aspires to support the student’s natural discovery of the fundamentals of humanity through exploration of the arts. The study of art, music, and theatre develops valuable academic and life skills including problem solving and critical thinking. Course offerings are geared towards catering to the instructional needs of our students, and are designed by faculty members who are active professionals in the arts that are dedicated to continuing the development of their instructional methods.

The Math Department uses a variety of strategies and appropriate technology to teach students to analyze and solve problems, express mathematical ideas precisely and effectively, and apply mathematical knowledge toward real world situations. The goal is to prepare all students to effectively apply acquired mathematical knowledge and skills for college.

The goal of the Health and Exercise Science Department at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for the individual to achieve optimum wellness in physical, social, mental and emotional health. Equipped with this knowledge and skills, the student will be able to begin to accept personal responsibility for her own well-being.

The Science Department at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy strives to enhance the development of critical thinking skills, encourage students to enroll in advanced sciences, and make students aware of the role that all sciences play in their lives and the environment.

In line with the mission of our school, the Social Studies program promotes and emphasizes the acquisition of values and skills essential to becoming conscientious citizens of the national and global community.

The Social Studies department emphasizes the use of varied materials and instructional strategies as students are introduced to political, social, and economic systems around the world. In this age of global interdependence, preparing our students requires an emphasis on the acquisition of communication skills, research skills, and critical thinking. The Social Studies department actively incorporates multiple technologies and skills into each unit of instruction and seeks to equip students with the cognitive tools which will enable them to become engaged learners and effective communicators. We strive to create an environment that allows all students to become active members of the learning community; thus allowing the learning process to continue well after the school day and year have ended.

The Theology Department at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy strives to deepen and nurture each student’s spiritual life, through the intellectual exploration of the Catholic Faith and its practical application in daily life.

This is accomplished through discussions, research, analysis of Church teachings and documents, as well as spiritual experiences.

In the digital age, the Department of World Languages at Lourdes Academy strives to facilitate a communicative landscape for our students where they are abel to explore new communication paradigms while gaining expertise and proficiency in the international language of their choice.