The tuition for the 2024-2025 school year, is as follows:

Grades 9-11 Grade 12
Tuition $15,200 $15,200
Graduation Costs $0 $450
Tuition & Fees $15,200* $15,650*

*Tuition Includes Lunch

Payment Options

Tuition payments can be made monthly (10 months), bi-annually or annually. Those paying bi-annually receive a $200 discount; those paying annually receive a $300 discount. Tuition payments will be automatically withdrawn from a checking account or credit/debit account, according to the payment option chosen. Please note the first month of tuition payment is July.

Tuition Management System

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy partners with FACTS Management Company to help manage our tuition payment program and our financial aid assessment.

For easy access to payment plan information and instructions, please visit  Our school ID# is 13915.


For Current Students:

Dates Fee
Early Bird Re-Registration Fee available until Dec. 31 $900
Re-Registration Fee Jan. 1 – 26 $1,000
Late Re-Registration Fee After Jan. 26 (if spots available) $1,250

NOTE: For families enrolling more than one student at Lourdes Academy for the 2024-2025 school year, a $200 re-registration discount, per student, will be applied.

For New Students (Incoming Freshmen & Transfers):

Registration Fee $1,000
Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance based on need may be provided from the yearly available funds, raised from grants and fundraising. Families who wish to apply for this must submit the necessary documentation to the school’s Business Office and apply through FACTS ( Our school ID# is 13915. In addition, families requesting financial assistance must apply for the Step Up for Students Scholarship Program or the AAA Scholarship Program.

Please note Our Lady of Lourdes Academy participates in the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities (FES-UA).
For more information, please contact Diane Gonzalez at (305) 667-1623, ext. 245 or via e-mail at
Financial Obligation Policy

Students must be current with all financial obligations (i.e. tuition, registration fees and pledges), in order to participate in class, formal dances and activities.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Tuition Coordinator Ms. Ely Fleites at (305) 667-1623, ext. 240 or via e-mail at