Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, being a college preparatory school, has the capacity to provide limited accommodations to its students, but does not provide modifications to the curriculum. A student with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodation(s) within the classroom setting. In order to determine eligibility, a Psychoeducational Evaluation by a licensed psychologist supporting the need for accommodation(s) must be on file in the Guidance Office.

The documents must:

  • State the specific disability
  • Be current – within a calendar year of the request for accommodation at OLLA
  • Provide relevant educational, developmental, and medical history
  • Describe the comprehensive testing and results used to arrive at the diagnosis
  • Describe the functional limitations
  • Describe the specific accommodation in relation to the disability
  • Establish the professional credentials of the evaluator

Once the evaluations are received in Guidance, school personnel will review all documents, including student performance. The submission of an evaluation does not guarantee that the school will provide any accommodation(s). If school personnel determine there is a demonstrated need, a School Accommodation Plan will be written. School Accommodation Plans will be reviewed annually to determine continued eligibility.


A student with a School Accommodation Plan may be eligible for accommodation(s) on standardized testing through the College Board and/or ACT Assessment. Parents may request additional forms giving consent to petition the College Board and/or ACT Assessment. A petition does not guarantee eligibility, and the only accommodation(s) that will be requested are those on a student’s School Accommodation Plan. For more information, please or



Mary Blanco
Guidance Counselor
Phone: (305) 667-1623, ext. 278