School Counseling Department

The School Counseling Department, designed after the  American Association of School Counseling National Model, is dedicated to providing our students with a full range of guidance services in the three ASCA Domains of academic, career/college, and social/emotional development. As part of this model, our services are designed to meet the developmental needs of all the students through a holistic approach. Counselors begin working with their students in the 9th grade and stay with their freshman cohort through the four years of high school. This framework allows the counselors and students to develop a strong counseling relationship and provides opportunities for counselors to impact student success throughout their four years of high school.

The School Counseling team is composed of six counselors and a guidance assistant who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to our students. Our team is also available to provide guidance to parents as they journey with their daughters through high school. Parents are encouraged to email their daughter’s counselor with any questions or concerns regarding their daughter.

The School Counseling Department uses a developmental approach to counseling. Students are assigned a guidance counselor their freshman year, and this counselor follows the student all four years. This facilitates a long-term counselor/student relationship, which is beneficial in providing personalized, continuous services throughout the student’s tenure at Lourdes Academy.

Contact School Counseling

Griselda Bain
Director of Guidance and Counseling
Phone: (305) 667-1623, ext. 220

Meet Our Counselors

Griselda Bain
Director of Counseling
305.667.1623 ext: 220

Mary Blanco
Accomodations Extended Time Coordinator
305.667.1623 ext: 278

Marilu De Armas
305.667.1623 ext: 233

Cristi Estevez
305.667.1623 ext: 217

Camila Estrada
305.667.1623 ext: 293

Vanessa Rodriguez
Bernadette Scholars Program Coordinator
305.667.1623 ext: 219

Maite Nunez
Administrative Assistant
305.667.1623 ext: 218