The Guidance Department of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy provides:

  • Personal Counseling: Counselors are available to assist students with personal concerns and to meet with students and their parents/guardians as needed.

  • Academic Counseling: Counselors meet with students throughout the school year to assist as needed with their academic progress. In addition, counselors meet with the freshmen, sophomores and juniors for course academic advising.

  • College Counseling: Beginning in freshman year, students receive information pertaining to the college application process. In junior year, the student will continue with her school counselor and also have a college counselor. The college counselor will assist students with the application process, the scholarship and financial aid search, and the college major and career selection.

The Guidance Department uses a developmental approach to counseling. Students are assigned a guidance counselor their freshman year, and this counselor follows the student all four years. This facilitates a long-term counselor/student relationship, which is beneficial in providing personalized, continuous services throughout the student’s tenure at Lourdes Academy.

Contact Guidance

Griselda Bain
Director of Guidance and Counseling
Phone: (305) 667-1623, ext. 220