The Office of Marketing and Communications promotes and protects Our Lady of Lourdes Academy’s reputation of excellence by developing and implementing clear, consistent and engaging strategies that enhance public understanding of the school, its people and its value to society.  The Office supports the school by developing, creating and publishing collateral materials vital to the fulfillment of its mission.  Moreover, the Office is responsible for overseeing the positive promotion of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, by handling all media relations, public relations and community affairs.

Contact Marketing and Communications

Olga M. Martinez ’00
Dean of Enrollment & Engagement
Phone: (305) 667-1623, ext. 248

Media Relations

Media Protocol
Our Lady of Lourdes Academy invites reporters and photographers to cover special events hosted by or at the school, but we ask to be notified in advance, as to provide proper clearance. Under no situation may students be photographed or videotaped without clearance. Members of the media who come onto school grounds without authorization from the Dean of Enrollment & Engagement will be asked to leave.

Archived footage and high resolution pictures of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, activities and athletics are available upon request. Please submit a written request, via e-mail, to Olga M. Martinez, Dean of Enrollment & Engagement, at In the e-mail request, please note the reason for request, news agency name, and file/video format, as well as deadline.

Visual Identity

School Seal
The school seal consists of a shield on a field of white surrounded by two circles. In the outer circle are contained the name of the school, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, and its location, Miami, Florida. The inner circle contains the school motto, “With Mary in All Things,” and the date of the school’s foundation, 1963.

On the upper half of the shield is Our Lady of Lourdes, the school’s patroness. The lower half of the shield is divided into two parts. The left section, containing a coconut palm tree and water, is adopted from the official coat of arms of the first Archbishop of Miami, Coleman F. Carroll. On the right half is the Immaculate Heart of Mary to whom the Sisters who staff the school are dedicated.

The school colors are blue and white. The school uniform, as well as the seal, stone of the school ring and official decorations, use these colors. Please refer to the school’s Visual Identity Manual for precise color values and tones.

The use of the Our Lady of Lourdes Academy logos can only be used with authorization by the school’s administration. The school’s logos are available in multiple file formats for use in all digital and traditional media. The Lourdes Academy logo files may not be altered in any way. Please contact the Dean of Enrollment & Engagement at (305) 667-1623, ext. 248 or via e-mail at with any questions regarding the school’s family of logos and their acceptable usage, or to receive an electronic version of any of the logos.