The Board of Trustees is a board of limited jurisdiction that has, as its primary interest, the ministry of Catholic school education at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, including the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of its students.  As the school’s fiduciary, the Board is responsible for Lourdes Academy’s long-term health, overseeing and aligning its strategic direction, financial integrity and sustainability, so the school can continue to fulfill its mission, “to educate young women, strengthened by their faith,” in the twenty-first century and beyond.

Executive Committee, 2020-2021


Mercedes San Miguel ’76
Vice Chair
Christina Gomez-Pina ’93
Ivette Coro ’02
Chair, Finance Committee
Teresa Manrara ’02
Board Members

Dori Robau Alvarez ’99

Alina Mayo Azze ’78

Ivette Coro ’02

Sylvie Galvez-Cuesta ’95

Christina Gomez-Pina ’93

Karla Hernandez

Teresa Manrara ’02

Victoria Mendez ’92

Carlos Penin

Marcos Perez

Raymond Rodriguez-Torres

Mercy San Miguel ’76

Jose Valdivia

Lourdes Vidal ’95

Vivian Urbieta ’76


Finance Committee
Nominating Committee
Development and Public Relations Committee
Mission Effectiveness Committee
Building and Grounds Committee
Guidance Advisory Committee